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About P23 Protective Coatings:

P23 Protective Coatings are the sole manufactures of the high quality P23 solvent based waterproofing brand & has been tried and tested over the past 12 years. With the first applications performed by NCC Waterprovers in 1998, which to this day are showing excellent results in the harsh Northwest province climate. Since 2000, quality tests were performed on the waterproofing products, which fully support unmatched quality, at the price range. These tests include those from the SABS & Northwest University of Potchefstroom. Upon several years of rigorous testing, P23 Protective Coatings (Pty) Ltd was established and additional products were added to the product range, which in itself matches the unique offering of the waterproofing product.

WHY P23?
P23 is an advanced durable and elastic waterproofing that has been designed to achieve full waterproofing and bonding properties to various surfaces, retaining its plasticity and withstanding natural temperature changes and structural movement (extreme weather conditions of -28° to +65° for a period of 1500 hours (SABS Tested) It has no water penetration after it’s been applied and protects metal surfaces from rust & corrosion.


Waterproofing of metal, fiber-cement roof sheeting, tile roofs & concrete surfaces which includes:

 Water features
 Water cribs
 Swimming pools etc
 Refurbishment of bituminous and torch-on  waterproofing systems.  


  • Full waterproofing and bonding properties.
  • Adheres well to a variety of surfaces.
  • Suitable for vertical & horizontal surfaces.
  • Quick and easy to apply.
  • When applied, the product undergoes a chemical reaction that helps prevent "wash-away" when rain occurs shortly after application.
  • Has the ideal mix of elasticity vs. strength to withstand robust African climatic conditions.
  • Compatible to bituminous surfaces.
  • Does not harden or go brittle over time.
  • Can work under extreme conditions (-28° up to +65°)